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Samantha Tells All

Posted by on December 5, 2013

Samantha Lima is an 8 year old girl from Stockton, California. She is in 3rd grade, has 2 dogs and a cat, and her favorite food is pizza. She ziplined for the first time last week and this is her interview shortly after her tour at Maui Zipline.

How was your experience at Maui Zipline? “I loved it!”

Was it what you expected? “No, I was expecting one person to go at a time or all the people going  at the same time with a guide in front. I liked how the zipline was set up with two people going at once though.”

Were you scared at all?  “No.”

What would you say to someone who was nervous?  “Don’t worry you aren’t going to fall off. It’s fun!”

What was your favorite part of the tour?  “Ziplining of course.”


Which line on the tour was your favorite? “Number five and number four. Because number five went over the water and number four was super long.”

Did you do any tricks? “Yes, I played dead, took my hands off, had a gun fight, and a couple others that I don’t remember.”

Would you do anything differently if you got to do it again? “No, but probably more tricks.”

Did you like the guides? “Yes, they were good guides. They made it easy.”

I saw Samantha again the last day that she was on the island and I asked her how her trip went. She had gone on the slides at the Grand Wailea, snorkeled with turtles, went out to dinner a lot, played on the beach, went to “Diva’s Night” at the spa, went to a luau and ate lots of shaved ice. I asked her which activity was her favorite and she said ziplining without a hesitation. That was cool. I hope to see you again at the zipline Samantha and I hope other 8 year olds can read this interview and get excited about ziplining too.

Article by: Jake Wagenman



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