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The Champ Keeps His Crown

Posted by on January 29, 2015

Hope everyone had a happy New Year! Maui Zipline is ringing in the New Year with the results of the Guide Olympics at the end of 2014. For the first time ever we have a back to back champ!  Winning this year again… by a wide margin… Chevis Kong!  When he wasn’t destroying the competition he was cheering everyone else on and being a gracious winner.  Chevis continues to not only be an amazing, energetic, fun loving guide, but he is also one of the fastest and safest employees Maui Zipline has ever had the privilege to employ.

There was a new event this year and some old favorites with a twist. The field of competitors were in peak condition after a busy summer zipline season. The events were as follows:

1. Carabineer Dexterity Challenge
2. Dizzy Harness Assembly and Fitting3. Line 4 Drag Race
4. Line 5 Race in Reverse

The “Drag Race” was the new event this year and the guides used their best aerodynamic techniques to get the fastest time. Despite a weight disadvantage Chevis clocked sub 16 sec time with perfect human dart strategy. The owner of Maui Zipline even participated in 2 events and won the “Line 5 Reverse Race” which consisted of pulling yourself up line 5 to the top and speeding back down. The top 4 finishers were as follows:

1. Chevis

2. Spencer

3. Wesley

4. Jake & Kaulana Tied

The biggest surprise of the evening was Spencer, who finished in last place for the 2013 games. He won the silver medal and also earned the MIZ award of the day (Most Improved Zipliner). Wesley was also a surprise in the bronze position after having surgery a month or two before. Jake and Kaulana were tied in the 4th place non-podium finish. These two were hired within a couple weeks of each other almost 2 years ago and couldn’t find a way to edge the other out of position.

The weather is great over here, hope the East Coast survived the blizzard.  Come visit Maui Zipline and ff you would like an autograph from the reigning Zipline Gold Medalist known as “King Chevis Kong,” he would be delighted to accommodate you.  He also just had a baby girl last week, congrats Chevis from all of us!

 By: Jake Wagenman

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