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Origin of the Shaka

In Hawaii there are few things that embody the aloha spirit more than the “Shaka.” The unmistakable pinky and thumb salute is a favorite here at Maui Zipline Company. “Hanging loose” is a constant reminder to slow down and be in the moment. It can also mean: hello, goodbye, thank you, right on, and more. … Continue reading »

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Your New Favorite Banana

  The Maui Tropical Plantation has one of the most diverse collections of plants available for guests to explore and learn about. There is even a patch of Maui’s most treasured “herb” at the bottom of zipline number four… The Apple Banana. Technically the banana plant is an herb because the trunk does not have … Continue reading »

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The Sleeping Warrior

  Can you see him? He is laying on his back facing the sky. The little bump on the right is his chin, with little trees as his beard scruff. If you look toward the left the next hump is his nose, then follow that down to his eyes and eyebrow and then his big … Continue reading »

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Samantha Tells All

Samantha Lima is an 8 year old girl from Stockton, California. She is in 3rd grade, has 2 dogs and a cat, and her favorite food is pizza. She ziplined for the first time last week and this is her interview shortly after her tour at Maui Zipline. How was your experience at Maui Zipline? “I … Continue reading »

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The Art Of The Trick Line

At Maui Zipline we provide a safe and family friendly environment to experience zipline adventure. Safety is the number one priority when our guides are on the course with a group. All equipment and the course are visually and tactilely inspected every morning and then continuously throughout the day. Guides fit guests with harnesses and … Continue reading »

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Boys and Girls Club at Maui Tropical Plantation

On September 8th, 2012, Maui Zipline Company had the privilege of hosting an incredible day of zipping for the Boys and Girls Club of Maui. The day began with warm light rain that continued sporadically throughout the day but couldn’t damper the spirits of these enthusiastic zippers. Screams of excitement and joy could be heard … Continue reading »

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Maui. Home of the Maui Gold.

At Maui Zipline Company, located on the Maui Tropical Plantation we have our own pineapples growing in the wild. Pineapple is just one of the many types of fruits we have on property. For now, let’s delve into these sweet and tasty sources of Vitamin C. At the end of your tour, you might even … Continue reading »

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Happy Halloween from Maui Zipline and the Maui Tropical Plantation!

Halloween is back on Front Street this year, and at Maui Zipline we are getting into the spirit of the spooky season!  If you’re looking for a family-friendly way to participate in Halloween on Maui, come join our cast of characters for a freaky-fun zipline adventure this weekend! Maui Tropical Plantation has taken on a … Continue reading »

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Family Zipline Tour in Maui

The zipline at Maui Tropical Plantation eases nerves while appealing to all ages Article from Travel Age West By Samantha Davis-Friedman October 3, 2011 “But they only have five lines and it’s only 60 feet up, how fun could that be?” That’s what my 13-year-old (and somewhat jaded) son said when I told him we would … Continue reading »

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Kona winds

It’s a beautiful morning today at Maui Tropical Plantation.  We have slight Kona winds today. Usually on Maui most winds come from North East – they are called trade winds. When there are no trade winds in Hawaii, we get Kona winds. ”Kona” is Polynesian word for “leeward.”  Kona winds come from the opposite direction of … Continue reading »

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